Is That Fish?

August 24, 2019

We’re wrapping up summer with a story about foods that aren’t what they appear to be! Scratching your head as to what we mean exactly? Back in April, we shared a story about a company called Impossible Foods that was making a beef burger patty that tasted and smelled like beef but wasn’t beef at all. In fact, their burger patties are made out of a soy-based protein.

It turns out that Impossible Foods isn’t just working on meat alternatives, but foods that taste and smell like fish as well. Why? Because overfishing has been a huge concern and a fish alternative would help solve that problem.

Many parts of the world depend on fish as a part of their daily diet. Because of this demand, commercial fisherman are driven to provide this supply. Naturally, right? Unfortunately, the result is that the world’s oceans are overfished, leading to changes in the aquatic ecosystem. Companies like Impossible Foods and Good Catch are working on giving the world’s fish population a chance at survival and those who depend on these products a chance to get the food that they need. It’s a win-win if you ask us, but can you think of a reason why selling fish-alternative products might not be as easy of a sell to potential customers as beef-alternative products?

Well, unlike beef-alternative products where those who eat beef are more likely to be convinced that beef alternatives are a healthier and equally tasty product, fish is already considered a healthy protein. Convincing people to save the planet is harder than convincing people to improve their diet. So while companies like Impossible Foods and Good Catch are working on products that are both healthy and good for the planet, it’s harder to convince their customers of the latter. It’s an interesting problem, but fish alternatives might not make it to our plates as quickly as beef alternatives because … well … we might not be as easily convinced that it’s “good” for us.

What are some reasons why you would change your diet?