Is Paper the Latest Craze?

March 24, 2018

Say, what? Believe it or not (and we believe it, because … well … we print monthly newspapers too!), paper is making a comeback. Whoa, whoa, whoa—did we just say that? Yes, we did. But before you think we’re pulling a fast one on you, let us explain. It’s more about how paper serves as a complement to something else, like peanut butter complements jam, or ketchup goes well with fries.

In February, Nintendo, the maker of the Switch (a handheld gaming device and home console all in one), announced that it will also be selling cardboard accessories to complement its ultra-successful gaming device. But these aren’t just ordinary cardboard pieces—oh no!—they become objects that can be controlled by the Switch. A user takes the pre-cut cardboard pieces, pops them out, and assembles them (using the Switch as a digital manual, of course) into things like a piano, car, or fishing rod. The Switch can then be used to play the piano, race the car, and catch digital fish! Now, isn’t paper cool?