Is It Possible…to Create a Wind Farm in the Ocean?

September 11, 2016

Yes and it has been done! Wind turbines are large windmill-like objects that create electricity from wind. Wind turns the large blades of the wind turbine, creating the kinetic energy needed to create electricity — all without putting harmful gases into the air like burning coal would do to produce electricity. You’ll sometimes see these large wind turbines perched on hillsides and sometimes in the water. In the water? Yes! Groups of wind turbines or wind farms have been spotted in the water o the coast of Europe already, but it wasn’t until recently that the United States completed its first offshore wind farm. But why in the water? Oceans generate some of the greatest gusts of wind, a perfect place for wind turbines. The first offshore wind farm is o the coast of Rhode Island and the 16 wind turbines will power 17,000 homes. That just blows us away!