Is It Possible…to Break a Curse?

October 11, 2016

We’ll find out soon! When the World Series (the championship game in baseball) rolls around, there’s always buzz about who’s going to win. But this year’s buzz seems especially loud given how long it’s been since either team has won a World Series. It was 1908 when the Chicago Cubs won their last World Series and 1948 when the Cleveland Indians last won. Fans have jokingly (or not) thought their teams were cursed! Well this year, one of the teams will finally break that curse and win that coveted title of world champs in baseball. With five games played, the Cleveland Indians are closer to the taste of victory than the Chicago Cubs, but it’s still anyone’s title to take. We’d say, let’s go underdogs, but it looks like both teams have earned that title. So, we’ll just leave it with, “May the best team win!”