Is It Hot Or Is It Just Me?

June 30, 2019

If you’re in Europe, it’s definitely not just you! Europe is experiencing a heat wave—that’s when there’s a period of extremely hot weather. Sometimes these abnormal temperature changes are expected. It’s summer, after all, so hot weather and summer often go hand-in-hand. So why have recent heat waves been newsworthy? It’s the frequency and how much hotter heat waves are now compared to years ago. According to climate change experts, extreme weather patterns like heat waves are happening more often and the temperature change is greater because of the overall rising temperature of the planet.

So how are people in Europe cooling off from this unusually crazy hot weather? They’re being quite creative! In Paris, for example, the government has placed temporary water fountains in parks to help people cool off!

Have you dealt with a heat wave recently? What did you do to cool down? Email your response to editor@xyzanews.com.