Is It Freezing, Or Is It Just Me?

February 1, 2019

What’s colder than freezing? Because that’s what a lot of people in the Midwestern parts of the United States felt this week. Meteorologists predicted extremely cold temperatures—we’re talking about temperatures dipping below zero degrees Fahrenheit with chilling winds driving temperatures as low as -66 degrees Fahrenheit. (Parts of Antarctica were warmer!) Although it often gets pretty cold in these parts of the country, this extreme cold, or what’s being called a “polar vortex,” isn’t normal. What else isn’t normal? The extreme heat on the other side of the planet. In Australia, for example, it’s been scorching hot. Scientists are pointing to global warming as the reason for these extreme weather conditions. So, while President Trump jokingly (or not) tweeted that global warming should make a comeback because it’s so cold outside, it’s actually no joking matter.

Xyza friends: If you’re experiencing absolute frigid temperatures right now, we’re sending you the warmest of thoughts. If you’re experiencing extreme heat, we hope you chill out soon!