Is Glass the Next Hot Thing?

May 17, 2017
You know Apple, the company behind the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and well, the entire i-suite of products? Well, it’s no secret that they’re always developing new and innovative things like the iWatch and self-driving cars. Cool, right? So it might surprise you when we tell you about Apple’s latest investment. Is it something out-of-this-world? A futuristic technology? Robots? No, no, and no. Apple just poured $200 million into glass. That’s right, you heard us correctly: glass. Why glass? Well, it’s not any glass, but a very specific kind of glass produced by one company. It’s called gorilla glass and Apple has used it for their iPhones since the iPhones were invented ten years ago. It’s very thin and damage and scratch resistant. Corning, the company that makes the glass, will be using the $200 million to develop even better and more advanced glass for current and future Apple products.

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