Is Disney+ A Plus?

November 15, 2019
via Pixabay

When you want to watch your favorite movie or TV show, where do you go? Well, back in the day (yeah, we’re talking about when your parents were your age!), people would try to catch re-runs of their favorite TV shows on TV and rent their favorite movies from a local video rental store. Yep, that was back then, but it’s not the way people watch TV shows and movies now. Let’s face it, more times than not, we’ll turn to YouTube, HULU, Netflix, HBO, or some other streaming service to find our favorite shows and movies. And why not? Not only do you get to watch whatever you want, but you get to watch it whenever you want. Fabulous, we know! It’s so fabulous in fact, that approximately 151 million people around the world pay for a Netflix subscription and over 134 million people pay for an HBO subscription. That’s a lot of people willing to pay for a streaming service! Well, media giant Disney wants a piece of that subscription pie.

The Walt Disney Company [Public domain]
This week, Disney launched its streaming service called Disney+. We’re talking 24/7 access to your favorite Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic TV shows and movies, as well as original Disney content such as The Mandalorian, a story based on the Star Wars movies. If that sounds amazing to you, you’re not alone. Before Disney+ even launched, 1.9 million people had already pre-ordered the service. It seems like people love Disney+ as much as they love Disneyland, Disney World, and everything else associated with Disney that they queue up before it even “opens” for business. In fact, so many people wanted to check out Disney+ that its servers crashed on launch day. Instead of watching princesses and superheroes on their TV screens, people saw error messages. Hey, Disney may seem magical at times, but even fairy dust can’t fix a server crash.