Is Comic Sans The Most Loved Font?

November 8, 2019

Just like your handwriting is different than your friends’ handwriting, fonts also differ, and they can help set your words apart. If you see a formal-looking font, for example, you might think the words are important or serious. And you’re not alone if you agonize over which font to use for your school reports!

Vincent Connare, a software developer, was also very interested in fonts. In 1994, he wanted to make his guide about learning to use computers a bit fun, so he made speech bubbles for a yellow dog named Rover. But the usual, formal, serious fonts didn’t seem to match with a talking dog cartoon, so he developed a fun-looking font that was eventually known as Comic Sans. It quickly gained popularity for posters, notes, and messages, and was often used with children’s literature. Think about it this way: If you wanted your cartoon or writing to seem fun, Comic Sans was the font of choice!

Recently though, critics think Comic Sans is overused; Mr. Connare begs to differ. His beloved font, which looks more like simple handwriting than anything else, is meant to be informal. The font turns twenty-five years old this month.

Alphabets In Comic Sans Font

Fonts have come a long way since Connare came up with Comic Sans. Designers, editors, and publishers can spend hours deciding which font to use in ads, magazines, and online articles. Today, you can pick from hundreds of fonts that uniquely express what you want them to, whether your writing is formal, casual, or all-out fun. But whether you love or hate Comic Sans, we salute designers and software developers everywhere who try to make tricky lessons easier with their skills!