India vs. Pakistan

October 11, 2016

Just because you don’t get along with someone o the field, doesn’t mean you don’t get along with him on the field, right? Well, that goes for countries too. India and Pakistan are two countries that have never seen eye to eye in matters related to land, policies or borders, but they have always gotten along when it came to the arts. After all, Pakistani musicians have captivated Indian
listeners for decades, while Indian movies and shows have been extremely popular with Pakistanis. However, in the past few months, the disagreements that have so far stayed in politics have started to spill over into the arts. It all started with an attack on the Indian army by Pakistani forces. The Prime Minister of India retaliated with a strike on Pakistan. While this in itself is not unusual for two countries that have been fighting for the past 70 years, the next step surprised everyone.

Pakistan issued a ban on popular Indian movies and television shows. In India, politicians have forced Bollywood (or the Indian movie industry) to reject Pakistani actors. Sports have not been spared either— Pakistan has been banned from playing in India in various sports. Will the impact on the arts force a truce between the two warring countries? Maybe. Maybe not. But these latest actions indicate a growing frustration between two countries.