I’m Small…but I Am Mighty!

February 24, 2016

We’re talking about mosquitoes. Yes, they may be small and only live for about 10 days, but they have the power to spread disease and quite frankly, really annoy people! We’re not fans of these little buggers but it’s important that we talk about them and how they work. Why? Recently, mosquitoes in Brazil have been working extra hard in spreading a disease called the Zika virus. Most people who get the Zika virus don’t realize they have it because it feels like they just have a normal flu, but the virus can also make unborn babies really sick. That’s why countries around the world and disease monitoring groups like the World Health Organization are working together to try to help control the spread of this virus. So if you’re heading to a place where there might be a lot of mosquitoes, make sure you use mosquito repellent, wear clothes that cover up your skin, and stay away from pools of water because that’s where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs and hang out.

Update May 2016:

A new portable test has been created to quickly detect the Zika virus in people. It has already worked on monkeys and testing on people will begin in a lab soon.