If You Can Think It, You Can Build It

May 5, 2017

3D Printers Can Do a Lot!

“3D printer house” by Scott Lewis via @Flickr CC by 2.0[/caption]

It’s true. But we’re not talking about a picture of what you’re imagining and then taking weeks or even months to build a model of it. No, we’re talking about building it immediately with a 3D printer. Sweet, right?

The 3D printer was invented by Charles Hull over 30 years ago when he was given a small lab at his company to figure out a way of turning computer designs into quick usable prototypes (or models). What’s the first thing he printed? A tiny cup! Fast forward to 2017 and 3D printers are being used to print a whole lot more than cups. In fact, 3D printers have revolutionized many industries. Take the healthcare industry for one. Companies have made fully-functional prosthetic hands and limbs for people who need them, and just recently scientists designed a way to print cartilage.

By The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (3-D Printing at FDA (8231)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Other industries have also used the 3D printer to build some pretty incredible things (in our opinion of course!). One company is building houses. No, not dollhouses, but real houses! The possibilities (it seems) are endless!

If you could design and print anything, what would that be?

Interesting Fact: When Charles Hull printed his first 3D object, he shared the exciting news with his wife. He got her out of her pajamas and down to his lab to see his print out. What was his wife’s response? “This had better be good!”