April 27, 2016

A race with man’s best friend

There are many sports in the world that challenge a person’s strength and stamina, but few challenge the strength, stamina, and teamwork of both humans and animals alike. Mushing is such a sport where people work with dogs to pull sleds through the snow. Every year, champion mushers head to snow-filled Alaska to compete in the Iditarod, what some call the “Last Great Race”. But the 1,000-mile dog sled race ran into a slight problem this year: there wasn’t enough snow in Anchorage, Alaska where the race began! So what did the race organizers do? What all great organizers do, they adapted, by importing snow from other areas. Despite the hiccup at the start, this year’s winner, Dallas Seavey, completed the race in record time at just under 9 days, beating his father, Mitch Seavey, by less than an hour. Dallas rewarded his dogs with a wreath of yellow flowers and Dallas was awarded with $75,000 and a brand new truck!