Humanity Trumps Terror Always

Communities Come Together to Help After Attack in Manchester, England

Concert-goers were excited to see Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England on the evening of May 22nd, but the excitement soon turned into horror when an explosion left people scrambling for safety. A bomb was detonated (or set off) soon after the concert had ended, killing 22 people and injuring more than 60. The police have determined that this was a terrorist attack and that the bomber himself died in the blast. Leaders from around the world have shared their thoughts on the attack, and British Prime Minister Theresa May called the attack “an act of sickening cowardice.”

How did the community respond? At the concert, first-aid responders arrived quickly to help those who were hurt and wounded. Over the internet, people mourned the tragedy. On the ground, local taxi companies immediately offered to help people get to their next destination, or pick up loved ones for free. Local residents offered those who were stranded in the area spare bedrooms to sleep in. Random drivers helped track and find loved ones missing in the chaos. People from all communities came together to help: Muslim taxi drivers offered free rides, Sikh temples offered free food and beds, and people poured into local blood banks to donate blood.

Question: How does your community come together to help in emergencies like these?