How Is The U.S. Doing?

February 7, 2019
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Every year, the President of the United States gives a State of the Union (SOTU) address. If you’re not sure what the SOTU is, it’s like a report card for the United States. The President usually touches upon things like job growth, the economy, trade, innovation, national security, how the country is doing in general, and what still needs to be done to continue on a positive path. This week, President Trump gave the second longest State of the Union address. It was nearly ninety minutes, so we’re summarizing some interesting points here:

He Talked Up The Economy:
President Trump noted strong job growth, low unemployment, and the creation of more manufacturing jobs.

He Acknowledged Women:
While he didn’t wait for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to introduce him (it’s tradition for the House Speaker to introduce the president!), President Trump did acknowledge the success of women being elected to more seats in Congress than ever before. He also emphasized and applauded the fact that there are more women in the workforce than ever before and how more than half of the newly created jobs were filled by women.

Peace = No More Investigations Into Him Or His Administration:
While investigations into President Trump’s campaign and Russia interference, as well as the possibility of other illegal business dealings continue, President Trump said that “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. It just doesn’t work that way!” In other words, if investigations continue, there will be no peace between the parties, nor will there be peace for the country. Do you think there’s truth to this statement? We’re a little skeptical ourselves, but we’d love to hear what you think. Send your thoughts to editor@xyzanews.com.

The Need For A Border Wall:
With only ten days left before the deadline for lawmakers to come up with a plan for border security, President Trump emphasized the need for a southern border wall.

We’re curious … what do you think of the idea of a border wall? Email editor@xyzanews.com and share your thoughts with us!

To watch President Trump’s entire State of the Union address, visit https://www.whitehouse.gov/sotu/.

The SOTU is a chance for the President of the United States to speak the entire country. If you had the chance to speak to the country, what would you share?