How Is Sesame Street Celebrating Its Fiftieth Birthday?

May 26, 2019

Sesame Street continues to celebrate its fiftieth birthday in the biggest of ways. How? Well, have you ever asked yourself that question that starts off every Sesame Street episode: “Can you tell me how to get … how to get to Sesame Street?” Now we know! To get to Sesame Street, you have to fly to New York City and then make your way to West 63rd Street. Yep, to commemorate Sesame Street’s fiftieth anniversary, New York City has renamed West 63rd Street to Sesame Street! But why that street? Sesame Workshop, the organization that produces Sesame Street, is located on 1 Lincoln Plaza between West 63rd and West 64th Streets. That’s a great way to celebrate a fiftieth birthday, but we’re curious: Does having a street named after you top having your own US postal stamp? We wouldn’t be able to decide, but we do believe that this is one birthday that Sesame Street won’t soon forget!