How Far Can You Bend The Rules?

August 9, 2018

Strict rules often govern the world of sports, yet sometimes athletes are happy to bend the rules if it means a crucial win. Some athletes might opt for performance-enhancing shoes to run faster, for example.

But in the world of NASCAR, a new and unsuspecting tool is playing a role: the friendly windshield wiper!

This year, spectators noticed something interesting. Race cars had windshield wipers attached even if the forecast indicated no rain. Why? Teams believe that the small yet mighty wiper has a role that goes beyond cleaning wet windows: They give a slight aerodynamic advantage. While the jury is still out on whether a simple windshield wiper can make a difference, NASCAR authorities are considering a new rule outlining when wipers are allowed during a race. A good rule of thumb? When it rains!

Do you play sports? What advantages have you seen from using special versus ordinary equipment?