Home Sweet Home

May 1, 2016

An Octopus Finds His Way Back into the Ocean

Have you ever seen, “Finding Nemo”? Remember the scene where Nemo plans his escape from the fish tank and actually makes it back to the ocean to find his father? Well, believe it or not, a similar kind of escape happened at the National Aquarium in New Zealand. Inky the Octopus slipped through a small crack at the top of his tank, slithered his way to a drain pipe a few yards away, and made his way back to the ocean. Crazy, right? But according to those who
study octopi, they are actually very intelligent creatures, have great eyesight, and can squeeze through really small spaces. The theory behind Inky’s escape? He found an opportunity, heard the water from the drain pipe, and knew he’d be heading home. Nice work, Inky!