Here A Bill, There A Bill

January 29, 2020

If your parents ever got exasperated hearing you whine about sitting in a car seat when you were a toddler, there’s a good chance they ended the argument and the “Whyyy?” question with “Because it’s the law!” But a law doesn’t just become the law on its own. It starts its journey as a little bill, or a proposal, before it can actually become the law, sometimes years later. Curious about how a bill becomes a law? Check out the chart below, and then check out the list of interesting bills starting their journeys in January.

Mike Wirth and Dr. Suzanne Cooper-Guasco [CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)]

Washington And Altered Photos:

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House Bill 2142 demands that advertisers notify consumers if a photo has been digitally altered. The bill aims to combat body image issues and the resulting negative self-esteem.

Virginia And The School Journalists Bill:

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House Bill 36 wants to limit the censorship that middle and high school journalists face from their own school administrations.

Missouri Librarian Bill:

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House Bill 2044 is intended to protect kids from inappropriate material while at public libraries by creating “parent advisory boards” that would approve what is allowed in the children’s section at libraries. Under the proposed new plan, any librarian who violates the rule would be fined $500 or put in jail.

Tennessee And The Gay-Adoption Bill:

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In the first bill of 2020, Tennessee’s state legislature approved a bill that allows adoption agencies to deny gay couples the chance to adopt a child. The bill is waiting to be signed by the governor.

Florida Bill For State Candy:

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If you could choose one candy to represent your state, what would it be? A bill in Florida is trying to make coconut patties, including chocolate and non-chocolate varieties, be the state candy via Senate Bill 38.