Harper Lee

March 25, 2016

One book was all it took

Almost 56 years ago, a woman named Harper Lee wrote a book called,
“To Kill a Mockingbird”. She wrote the book with a simple goal in mind: to tell a story about life in the southern state of Alabama as seen through the eyes of a child. Although the premise (or the general idea behind the story) was simple, the topics that it covered were not, touching upon topics such as racism and stereotyping.

Harper’s book became an American treasure, selling over 30 million copies, winning a Pulitzer prize, becoming a movie, and making it into the classrooms of many high schools around the country. Harper Lee may not think so, but like President Barack Obama said, “Ms. Lee changed America for the better. And there is no higher tribute we can offer her than to keep telling this timeless American story — to our students, to our neighbors, and to our children — and to constantly try, in our own lives, to finally see each other.”