Happy Thai New Year!

April 17, 2017

It’s April 13th and you’re walking around the city of Bangkok, Thailand when all of sudden you feel a sprinkling of water on you. “Oh, I must have bumped into someone holding a drink,” you think to yourself. Then it happens again, but this time kids are squirting you with water ON PURPOSE! What’s going on? “You’ve just been washed of bad luck,” a passerby explains.

April 13th is the Thai New Year and the Songkran festival is a New Year tradition where people take to the streets to douse each other with water. Water is suppose to wash away all the year’s bad luck. The New Year lasts three days, but some cities plan a whole week’s worth of celebrations. In addition to Songkran, people also celebrate the new year with traditional dances, food, and visits to the temple. So, the next time you’re in Thailand during the Thai New Year, be prepared and make sure to get wet!