Grammy’s: More Than Just an Award Show!

February 13, 2017

Did you watch the Grammys? Viewers were abuzz over a few surprising moments, including a microphone malfunction, a superstar stopping mid-way through a song, and some powerful performances (one word: Beyoncé). Given annually, Grammy awards are presented by The Recording Academy to musicians, producers, writers, and others involved with the music business.

The big winner this year was Adele — she snagged all five Grammys
that she was nominated for! She also had people talking because of what happened during her performance in honor of the late George Michael. Part way through her cover of “Fastlove,” she stopped and asked to start over because she wasn’t happy with her performance.

Another unexpected occurrence took place during Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Metallica. While the audience could hear Lady Gaga just fine, Metallica’s James Het Field’s microphone wasn’t working, so viewers caught only half of the lyrics. Realizing the issue, the two started to share a microphone before Het eld’s own mic issues were fixed. Despite all of the rehearsals, mistakes can still happen. Hey, that’s what makes live events so exciting, right? You never know what might happen!