Google Science Fair

August 11, 2016

You are never too young to make a difference in the world!  When you see a problem, how do you respond? Well, if you’re these kids, you do something about it and end up at the Google Science Fair. Every year, the Google Science Fair showcases talented students with ideas to solve real world problems. This year’s finalists were no exception. Ashton Cofer, Luke Clay and Julia Bray, a team of 14-year olds from the United States, found a way to convert wasteful styrofoam (a type of material used for packaging) into carbon that can purify water. Fifteen year old Kiara Nirghin of South Africa found a way for farmers to deal with drought. She created something made out of orange peels and avocado skins that absorbs and retains a large amount of water so that it can be used for crops in times of drought. Students from all over the world competed in the competition and winners will be awarded prize money and support to further develop their ideas into reality. Look around; do you see a problem that you can solve with science?

Update September 2016:

  • Kiara Nirghin of South Africa won Google Science Fair’s Community Impact Award for creating a material out of orange peels and avocado skins that would keep moisture in the soil even in times of drought.