Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

December 7, 2018

Do you collect baseball cards? Perhaps stuffed animals or Star Wars Lego sets? Believe it or not, things that you collect may be worth a lot of money one day. Just ask your parents about those vintage Transformers or Star Wars lunch boxes that they might have buried away in a closet somewhere. While you may like to collect toys, some people like to collect artwork or jewelry worn by kings and queens. In the last month, a number of artwork and other collector’s items went for auction (or when the sale of an item goes to the highest bidder). But that’s not really newsworthy since art auctions happen regularly. The big news is that several of these items sold for record-breaking amounts. How much did they sell for?

via @christys images

One painting, called Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) by renowned painter David Hockney, was sold for $90.3 million. Whoa is right! It broke the record for the highest-selling painting by a living artist. Whose record did Mr. Hockney break? Jeff Koons’! He’s an artist known for his vibrant balloon-like sculptures, and his sculpture called Balloon Dog (a favorite of the Xyza team!) was sold for $58.4 million five years ago.

via Pixabay

What’s another item that sold for a record-breaking amount? A pearl and diamond pendant that once belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette, the Austrian princess who married France’s King Louis XVI in 1770. She lived an extravagant lifestyle (her pearl pendant was just one of many, many pieces of jewelry!) while the people of France at the time were starving. She became a much-hated queen, and before she could flee from France, she was captured and beheaded. Ouch! Wondering if what you’re collecting might be worth something someday? Who knows … it just might!