Game Over For MariCar?

October 19, 2018
Maricar by Leng Cheng via @Flickr CC By 2.0

It looks like it’s officially “Game Over!” for Mari Mobility Development, the company that lets tourists ride around Tokyo in go-karts while dressed as characters from the popular Nintendo video game, Mario Bros. Last year, Nintendo sued Mari Mobility Development, the company formerly known as MariCar, for intellectual property violation. In other words, Nintendo claimed that Mari Mobility Development was damaging their “Mario Kart” brand and using their characters without their permission. Well, last month, the Tokyo District Court agreed with Nintendo and ordered Mari Mobility Development to pay Nintendo 10 million yen (approximately $89,000) in damages and to stop renting out their Mario-themed costumes and go-karts. Ouch! Although Mari Mobility Development continues to operate and claims that they are doing everything within the law—Nintendo disagrees and says they will do everything to protect its Mario brand.