Friends now?

February 24, 2016

Not quite, but we are at least talking

Cuba is a country just 90 miles o the shores of Florida. Given how close this country is to the United States, you’d think that these two countries would be natural friends.

But for over 50 years, that was not the case. In fact, since 1960, the United States has had an embargo on Cuba. Simply put, this meant that the U.S. had cut o all ties to Cuba. How did this happen? The United States did not trust Cuba’s longtime leader, Fidel Castro, and disagreed with the way he treated his own people. That’s why it was big news when President Obama and the new leader of Cuba, Raúl Castro, announced that they are starting to figure out how they can work together. Since those meetings, the president has already lifted the ban on travel to Cuba. Not everyone agrees with Obama’s decision, but the two countries are taking baby steps towards building a better relationship.

Update September 2016:

  • On August 31st, the first U.S. commercial airplane landed in Cuba after an over 50 year U.S. embargo on Cuba was lifted earlier this year by President Barack Obama.