Fresh Air For Sale?

May 24, 2017

Air Pollution Drives People to Buy Bottled Air

It’s a hot day and you open up a nice cold bottle of … air?

It might sound a bit odd, but that’s what people are doing in China, India, and South Korea. Vitality, a company that bottles up fresh air from the Canadian Rockies, first started selling clean bottled mountain air as a gag gift, but to the company’s surprise, people took fresh bottled air very seriously. After all, air pollution is no joking matter to countries like China where some parts of the country regularly measure pollution levels well above the World Health Organization’s recommended levels.

Two photos taken in the same location in Beijing in August 2005. The photograph on the left was taken after it had rained for two days. The right photograph shows smog covering Beijing in what would otherwise be a sunny day.

Ongoing research has also linked these high levels of air pollution to serious health issues, similar to that of smoking. As a result, a number of new products that tout the benefits of clean air have been hitting store shelves. We’re talking about anti-pollution face masks, necklaces that help filter the air around you, and a slew of other products, even bottled clean air!

Curious as to how much bottled clean air costs? Well, it doesn’t come cheap. For a bottle that contains 160 breaths from the Canadian Rockies, it’ll cost you $24. For air collected from the U.K. countryside, that’ll be a gasp-inducing $103—now that’ll take your breath away!