Former President Obama Reports for Jury Duty

November 16, 2017

There are a few things that every citizen of the United States gets to do. When you turn eighteen, you get to vote, but there’s something else you get to do too—you can serve on a jury! What’s a jury? A jury is a group of citizens brought together to listen to the arguments of a case and make a decision on who is right. It’s quite a responsibility! So, when you turn eighteen, you could receive a letter in the mail asking you to report for jury duty. It’s every person’s right and duty as a citizen of the United States. And yes, even former presidents of the United States may be chosen for jury duty too! That’s what happened to former President Barack Obama.

Early last week, Obama reported for jury duty in Chicago, Illinois. He stayed for two hours before he was dismissed. In other words, he wasn’t chosen to sit on a jury. Which other former presidents have been called in for jury duty? In 2003, former President Bill Clinton was called in for jury duty, and in 2013, former President George W. Bush was called in. Like former President Obama, they too were dismissed.

Here at Xyza, co-founder Joann has served on a jury before. Know of someone who has served on a jury? What was it like?