Finland: Equal Leave For Moms And Dads

February 24, 2020
Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin
Jari Niemelä [Public domain]
Remember Sanna Marin? Last December, she was sworn in as prime minister of Finland and made headlines because at thirty-four years old, she became the world’s youngest sitting prime minister. Well, Prime Minister Marin is making headlines again, only this time it’s not about her but about what she’s doing for new mothers and fathers. Recently, Marin announced a new policy that will give new mothers and fathers seven months of paid leave to bond with and take care of their baby.

via Pixabay

While Finland may not be the first or only country to have such a policy (Japan also offers paid maternity and paternity leave), it is headline-making news nonetheless. Why? Because giving both mothers and fathers the same generous amount of paid leave makes a statement: Child-rearing is a job that both parents must take equal responsibility for.