Spinning out of Control?

June 6, 2017

You’re sitting in class and all of sudden a friend takes out this triangular-shaped object and starts spinning it on her finger. “What is that thing?” you think, “and why am I so mesmerized by it?”

It’s called a fidget spinner and it’s invading homes, classrooms, playgrounds, and pretty much anywhere kids hang out!

But before these spinners became the latest toy craze, they were tools. Nope, not like a screwdriver or a hammer-kind of tool, but something that kids used to concentrate. The idea behind using the fidget spinner as a tool for concentration comes from the thought that by having something distracting running in the background, a person could actually focus more on the task at hand. Interesting, right? But that’s not what some schools think. Some schools in the United States and the United Kingdom have banned fidget spinners altogether, saying that they’re distracting and dangerous.

What do you think? Should fidget spinners be banned from schools?