Feeling Emotional?

March 25, 2016

Facebook is too!

How are you feeling today? Sometimes we feel joy and other times we feel sadness, anger, or disgust (remember those great characters in the movie, “Inside Out”?). People react differently to different things. You might feel sad when a friend tells you that her favorite ice cream store closed. Or you might feel happy when you had a really fun day at school. Whatever happens, you have a reaction and it’s not always going to be that you “like” it. Well, that’s what Facebook figured out.

Recently, Facebook added five other feelings that people can use to respond to their friends’ Facebook posts. Yep, in addition to that thumbs up for liking something, Facebook users can now click on an angry face (when they don’t like something), a heart (when they love something), a crying face (when they think something is sad), and much more. Facebook, we’ll give you a thumbs up (like) for that one.