EU Says No Thanks To Plastic Straws

June 9, 2018

Like Malibu, California, the EU (European Union) is hoping to get rid of those pesky little plastic straws! What did plastic straws ever do to the EU, you ask? Well, a lot according to environmentalists. They might be a cute decoration to a fruity island drink, but plastic straws and cutlery have been littering waterways and beaches, and the EU is tired of it! Recently a draft of the ban was presented to the EU member states. The proposal calls for a ban of all plastic single-use items like straws, cutlery, and bottles, and includes that plastic-producing companies must pay for the disposal of the plastic items collected. When will this plastic ban take affect? It most likely won’t be for another three to four years—after all, the ban has to be approved by every EU member state as well as the European Parliament.

If you could propose a way to clean up the environment, what would you propose?


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