Elections Update: Biden Vs. Sanders

March 20, 2020

Since Super Tuesday, a number of states have held their Democratic primaries and caucuses. With only two candidates competing for votes (Tulsi Gabbard was the most recent candidate to drop out of the race), it’s going to be an interesting race going forward. Will it be former vice president Joe Biden or senator Bernie Sanders who becomes the Democratic nominee for president of the United States? Well, since Biden’s South Carolina win, it’s been full steam ahead, despite canceled campaign rallies and a debate that was overshadowed by news of COVID-19. Will Sanders make a comeback like Biden did in South Carolina? It’s possible, but according to polling experts, it’s improbable. Why? Well, with nearly 1,200 delegates, Biden has almost 300 more delegates than Sanders. That’s a lot of delegates that Sanders will have to get just to catch up to Biden. Mathematically, it isn’t looking great for Sanders, but stranger things have happened and we’ll just have to wait and see how things go!

Interesting Fact: During the most recent debate, both candidates were asked if they would choose a female running mate. Biden promised that he would and said that there are many women who are “qualified to be president tomorrow.” Sanders said he would want to pick a progressive woman because he believes there are many out there. Well, there you have it … both candidates want a woman as their vice president! Us women are holding you two to it!