El Niño, You’re Crazy!

February 24, 2016

But combined with global warming, you’re crazier!

It’s December and 45 degrees in California. It’s raining and you’re freezing and bundled up in a winter coat. New York City, on the other hand, is a warm and sunny 71 degrees and your friends are eating ice cream cones in their shorts! Something just doesn’t seem quite right. Shouldn’t it be a little warmer in California and much cooler in New York? What gives? Well, you’re right! The unusual weather patterns this year are different from that of a typical El Niño year. El Niño is extreme climate changes in the Pacific that happens every 2-7 years, causing extreme weather like heavy rainfall on the west coast. This year, however, the radical shifts in weather have been due to the combination of El Niño and global warming (or the gradual warming of the planet). Interesting, right? We think so. So don’t be caught o guard by the weather–keep your rain boots AND sunglasses at the ready!

How are storm names decided?
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