Dress Codes For Girls

September 8, 2018

Girls and dress codes have often been in the news. Schools sometimes issue dress codes for students (no flip flops! no hoodies!) that aren’t exactly popular, and some think they often target girls. In fact, many dress codes have a longer list of do’s and don’ts for girls than they do for boys, and not everyone thinks that is fair. As some students see it, dressing is one way of self-expression. Plus, when school officials challenge girls on the way they dress and send them home, it results in missed classes, and nobody wants that.

So in Alameda, California, students took it upon themselves to educate and explain to authorities why their current dress codes were unfair. The grownups? They listened, which is why this year, dress codes in Alameda are the same for boys and girls—clothes should cover specific body parts with material that is opaque (not transparent!). So are hoodies ok? Sure. As are ripped jeans and even pajamas.

Interesting note: Dress codes for girls have been a topic of conversation even outside of school. When Serena Williams wore a catsuit to the French Open this year, the president of the French Tennis Federation said that her look went too far and would not be allowed again. Are catsuits that uncommon? Probably. However, in 1985, tennis player Anne White played by the rules at Wimbledon (you have to wear all white), but wore a catsuit instead of the traditional tennis skirt.

Do you think dress codes are more restrictive for women than they are for men? What is the dress code at your school?