Dreams Do Come True

May 7, 2017

Always Dreaming Gets the Roses

Ah, the Kentucky Derby, an annual horse race that draws hundreds of thousands of people dressed in their finest clothes (and hats!) to see what is often called, “the most exciting two minutes in sports” since 1875, once again drew the oohs and ahhs of those attending. The Derby brought 20 of the fastest horse in the world to race around a muddy 1.25 mile track. Who stood in the winner’s circle and took home the coveted rose garland? A horse named Always Dreaming. How great is that?

While it was a happy day for Always Dreaming, it was quite the opposite for Thunder Snow. When the gates opened and all of the other horses rushed out, Thunder Snow started bucking, trying to throw his jockeyoff! Although this can be a sign of injury, after a careful examination, Thunder Snow was declared okay. It turns out that this was Thunder Snow’s first race in the United States and he might have been spooked by the cheering of the large crowd.

Two Interesting Facts:

The Kentucky Derby is the grand finale of a two week festival called the Kentucky Derby Festival. The event started in 1875 and claims the title of “the longest running sporting event in United States history.”

The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and The Belmont Stakes are the three horse races that make up the Triple Crown, or the title given to a horse that has won all three races. Only 12 horses have ever won the title.  

Update: No Crown for Always Dreaming

Always Dreaming moved on to race in the Preakness Stakes, the second of the three horse races that make up the coveted Triple Crown. There, it was supposed to be an exciting race between Always Dreaming and Classic Empire, a horse many believed was the best race horse in the country, but they both lost to Cloud Computing. Next up? The Belmont Stakes!