Do You Know What’s in Your Food?

June 7, 2016

When you grab that box of cereal, do you ever pause to think what actually makes up those little pieces of crunchiness? Well, if you search around the box, you’ll find something called “Nutrition Facts” on the packaging. That label tells you exactly what’s in the food that you’re about to put in your body. Sounds important, right?
We think so too, and so does First Lady Michelle Obama and the Food and Drug Administration (a government group that manages the safety of products such as food). And that’s exactly why these nutrition labels are getting a makeover! Certain words will be bigger and bolder to make them easier to see, and the serving size (or the recommended amount of that item to eat) will be adjusted to more reasonable sizes. But the biggest change will be a line that says, “Added Sugars.” These are the sugars that are not naturally found in the food, unlike the sugars found in fruit or dairy. Nutrition experts hope that these changes will help people make smarter choices when deciding what foods to eat. Next time, take a look at the nutrition label before you tear open that bag of treats — you might just be surprised at what really goes into your food!