Do You Know These Sports Words?

August 17, 2016

Some say sports is its own language — we’d have to agree, given all of the sports-related phrases that we’ve been hearing throughout the Olympics. Interested in learning some of these phrases? Here are some that we think are pretty neat:

Steeplechase: It’s an obstacle race that includes hurdles and water jumps. The word originates from horse racing and appeared in the Olympics for the first time in Beijing in 2008.

Floating Feeding Station: When you run a marathon, there are tables of water for when you need a quick drink, but what if you’re swimming in a race and need water? A pole-like object, or a floating feeding station, is used to deliver water to the swimmers.

False Start: What might possibly be the “cruelest” rule in Olympics, is when an athlete starts his or her run before the race officially begins. This week, French sprinter Wilhem Belocian started the race a millisecond before the gun went off. He was automatically disqualified from the race. Cruel, indeed!

Scratch Race: In cycling, a scratch race is simply a race where the goal is to be the first over a finish line after a certain number of laps.