Dinner Table Conversation: What’s The Yummiest Time Of Year?

July 12, 2019

At Xyza, we’re continuing our Summertime Fun All Summer Long series with fun tidbits about national food celebrations happening the entire month of July!

Why? Because people in the United States love to celebrate everything! Celebrations come in all forms from national holidays like the birth of the country, to achievements like when NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the surface of the moon, to simple pleasures like ice cream! That’s right—in the US, people even celebrate food! And why not? Food, after all, is a necessary part of life and is always a welcome addition at gatherings with friends and family. July, it seems, is the month for celebrating all kinds of foods, starting with Creative Ice Cream Day on July 1st and ending with National Jump for Jelly Beans Day on July 31st (not to be confused with National Jelly Bean Day which happens on April 22nd!). There’s so much food to celebrate, some foods have to share a day—we’re looking at you, National Chicken Wing Day and National Lasagna Day (July 29th)!

Here at Xyza, we love to celebrate too! That’s why we’re picking a few national food days happening in July and sharing some interesting things about these foods in our continuing series of Summertime Fun All Summer Long! We’re starting this week with National French Fry Day which happens on July 13th.

National French Fry Day (July 13th):

While it may be called “National” French Fry Day, it’s not an official national celebration at all! Nevertheless, July 13th is recognized by many restaurants and French fry lovers as National French Fry Day. Although French fries may be extremely popular in America, the tasty deep-fried potato sticks actually originated in Belgium, not France, as some people might allude from the name. So why “French” and not “Belgian” fries? Some believe that the term “French fries” came about when American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, tasted the fried potatoes and called them “French” fries because people in Belgium speak French. Whatever the reason for the name, it has now become one of the most popular foods in America, and synonymous with other American food favorites such as hamburgers and hot dogs. And let’s not forget the ever-popular spin-offs of the French fry such as the inventive tater tot, waffle fries, and shoestring fries.