Dinner Table Conversation: What Happens When a Dog Eats His Own Homework?

November 11, 2017

The United States CIA (or Central Intelligence Agency) is an organization that focuses on the nation’s security. It needs the best trained people to help protect the country from terrorists and other dangers. The same goes for dogs who work for the CIA. A lot of training goes into what the agency hopes will be a dog who can sniff out bombs and other explosives.

Believe it or not, dogs can detect about 19,000 explosive scents. Training a dog to detect those scents involves training every day for six weeks, followed by one-on-one training with special handlers so that the dogs are able to sniff out explosives from a range of other smells.

Via Central Intelligence Agency

If it sounds like a lot of work for a puppy, it is.

When a Labrador puppy named Lulu, a recent trainee, started her training, she was expected to become a skilled team member. However, Lulu had other ideas. She was, in the words of the CIA, simply not interested. She failed to finish the test even though she was given long breaks and time to recover from the training. Sometimes sniffing rabbit holes and squirrels is more exciting than bombs. Guess the CIA isn’t for everyone, or every dog for that matter! (In case you’re wondering … Lulu was adopted by her handler and now spends her days lazing around at home!)

Via Central Intelligence Agency