Dinner Table Conversation: What Does YouTube Dislike?

January 25, 2019

Videos that do not follow the company’s guidelines, for one. And more recently, dangerous videos. Sure, you’ve probably seen videos of your favorite musicians, or maybe videos of animals being silly, or even videos of harmless challenges. One such popular video last year was a challenge posted by TV show host Jimmy Kimmel, asking people to give their kids terrible Christmas presents and record their reactions. (Just FYI, kids were not happy about some of the gifts they received!)

Every so often, a video stunt goes viral and encourages others to perform the same stunt, like playing with fire. Even though most viewers won’t pay attention to these stunts or challenges, some viewers react by putting themselves in dangerous situations as well.

As concerns have grown over these dangerous videos, YouTube responded this month by updating its guidelines to state that any challenges or pranks that are considered dangerous or that could cause harm are no longer allowed on the site. YouTube says they will start pulling down videos they consider harmful, but rules are often hard to enforce. Video creators sometimes challenge the guidelines because they don’t believe they are responsible for what people do after watching their videos.

If you were writing the guidelines for YouTube videos, how would you explain the difference between a dangerous stunt and a harmless prank?