Dinner Table Conversation: What Can Adults Learn from Kids?

September 26, 2016

At the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit, concern for the tens of millions of refugees displaced by war, poverty, and other dangers could be heard from the speeches of many world leaders. When it was time for President Barack Obama to address the world leaders, it was a letter that he read that really got people thinking: are countries doing enough?

The letter was from a six-year old boy named Alex. Alex wrote to President Barack Obama after seeing an image of a young Syrian boy hurt and covered in dirt, sitting in the back of an ambulance after his house was bombed. Alex told the president that he would like to invite the boy to live with him and his family and that he would be the boy’s brother.

President Barack Obama said that “we can all learn from Alex.” What do you think President Barack Obama meant by that? What are some of the things that adults can learn from children?