Dinner Table Conversation: If National Parks Could Talk, Would They Raise Their Entrance Fees?

November 16, 2017

In the United States, National parks are a source of pride. Hundreds of millions of people visit the parks each year to enjoy the vast expanses of beautiful open spaces preserved diligently by park officials. But if a new proposal passes, entering those parks might just get a little—well, a lot—more expensive. The Trump administration wants to increase entry costs for the most popular parks, including Yosemite, to more than double during peak season.

On the one hand, travel enthusiasts and park lovers think the increased fees would be a terrible move. They believe that parks are for everyone to enjoy and are not just for those who can afford to visit.

On the other hand, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who announced the proposal, said that the increased costs will help to better manage the parks and protect them for years to come.

A final decision is expected later this year after public comments. Want to add your thoughts? Go here and share your comments!