How Does A Country Get Rid Of A Disease?

June 15, 2018

Mosquitos are pesky little insects that bite! They’re such a nuisance that global health advocates proposed that a mosquito emoji be added to the list of official emojis to help educate people about the disease-carrying pest! In most cases, mosquito bites are just annoying, but mosquitos can also carry life-threatening diseases like malaria. Malaria, a disease where a parasite attacks a person’s red blood cells and causes high fevers, is a huge problem in Africa, South Asia, and parts of Central and South America. Health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) have been working hard to try and eliminate malaria around the world through education and bug spray! All that hard work has paid off! The WHO announced earlier this month that Paraguay is the first country in the Americas since Cuba in 1973 to eliminate malaria. How do they know that malaria has been eliminated? There have been no reported cases of malaria in the country in five years. The WHO points to Paraguay as an example of how disease can be eliminated in a country where it was once quite rampant and even rising. Well, we’d say that’s some pretty awesome news, wouldn’t you?