Dinner Table Conversation: Are Award Shows Inclusive or Exclusive?

October 12, 2018

The Oscars, otherwise known as the Academy Awards, is a formal affair and one that attracts actors from around the world for a night of recognition and celebration. Although categories such as “Best Picture” and “Best Actor” have been around since the very beginning, other categories such as “Best Animated Feature” were only added in 2002. Well, this year, a new category, “Achievement in Popular Film,” was added to include … you guessed it … popular films. But why add this particular category? According to the Academy, the category was added to be more inclusive—after all, blockbuster summer movies tend to get the Oscar snub. But critics are quick to say that the “Achievement in Popular Film” category is a bit insulting—does this mean that popular films aren’t good enough for the coveted “Best Picture” award?

What do you think? By creating a separate award category for popular films, is the Academy saying that popular films aren’t the kinds of films that are of a certain artistic quality that would normally get an Oscar, or are critics being too sensitive, and an added category to include films that would otherwise not be nominated a good thing?