Did Frida Kahlo Invent the Selfie?

July 14, 2017

One of the most influential artists in modern history, Frida Kahlo, would have turned 110 on July 6th if she were alive today. She was a celebrated painter across the world, and many museums and art institutes took it on themselves to celebrate her birthday.

By Guillermo Kahlo (1871-1941) – [1], Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38255324
Why was Frida Kahlo special? Born in Mexico, she wanted to become a doctor. But an accident had her bedridden, forcing her to find something else to do. She picked up a brush, started painting, and was soon deeply immersed in the world of art. Kahlo is more famous now than when she was alive and painting, mainly because back then, she was better known as the wife of a more famous painter at the time, Diego Rivera.

So, what are people doing to celebrate her birthday? Well, San Francisco’s Mexican Museum built a specific Frida Kahlo exhibit. And the Dallas Museum of Art attempted to break a record by having the most people dressed as Frida Kahlo at one event! Her signature look of a knee-length skirt, flowers in her hair, and a shawl was copied by hundreds around the world as her art and life were celebrated. Us? We’re sharing one of her responses we love from when she was asked why she painted so many self-portraits. She said, “I paint myself because that’s who I know best!”

So did Frida Kahlo invent the concept of a “selfie”? Very possibly. You go, girl!


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