Debatable: To Fold Or Not To Fold?

February 20, 2020
via Amazon

Before the iPhone shook up the world of mobile phones, there were good ol’ foldable phones. The Motorola Razr, one of the most successful foldable phones, saw more than fifty million sales in its first two years. And then the iPhone came along … and screens got flatter, then bigger, then smaller again, and with a lot more features. Nowadays, companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola want to bring the foldable phone back with a bang. Ummm … why? The hope is that the devices will appeal to consumers because they take up less space when you put them in a pocket or bag. Plus, when folded inwards, screens are better protected. But are they actually durable? When Samsung released its foldable phone in 2019, the phone broke within days. Phone screens tend to get a lot more usage in today’s world versus way back in 2006, and in order to make the phone foldable, the material is probably less sturdy than that used for flat phones.

With a hefty price tag of at least $1400, we wonder: Are folding phones simply a passing fad, or are they here to stay?