Death Valley Super Bloom

March 25, 2016

Seeing is believing!

Close your eyes and take an imaginary trip with us to the desert. What do you see? Probably an empty stretch of land, filled with a lot of dirt, some rocks, and perhaps some cacti. Is it hot? Cold? Raining? In the daytime, it’s probably pretty hot and at night, it’s probably quite cold.

That’s actually how Death Valley, a desert located in Central California looks and feels like most of the time. This year, however, something spectacular happened. In October, a series of storms hit the area and as a result fields of flowers popped up! That’s right! Fields of flowers are decorating the desert right now, something that doesn’t happen that often. Flower enthusiasts (or people who love flowers) are calling this uncommon occurrence a “super bloom”. We think it’s pretty super too!