Could Your Next Dog Be A Robot?

May 25, 2018
SpotMini Robot image courtesy of Boston Dynamics

The answer is yes! But the real question is: Will a robotic dog replace the love and affection of a real four-legged, sloppy, fur ball? Well, whether your answer is absolutely or never, robotic dogs will be coming to a store near you very soon. Boston Dynamics, a company that builds robots, recently announced that their robotic dog—aptly named SpotMini—will soon be available for purchase. SpotMini climbs up and down stairs and rolls over by itself; however, SpotMini may look like a dog (minus a head!) and walk like a dog, but it really is more like a robot. The purpose of SpotMini isn’t exactly to replace your pet dog but rather to be another helper around the house or office.

What do you think? Would you want a robotic dog, and are they here to stay?