Conversation Series: What’s The Role Of A Library?

June 12, 2020

We know that libraries are amazing. And librarians too! Whether they work in your school library or a local public library, they make learning so much better for us all. But what do librarians do when a global pandemic results in the temporary closure of libraries? They do what they know best: figure things out!

Here are some fascinating ways that libraries and librarians are supporting communities during the COVID-19 crisis:

1. Borrowing a book from the library has gone digital! While librarians are making sure there are enough digital copies for patrons to check out and read on their e-readers, they are also making sure that movies, audios, and documentaries are available too!

2. Story times have gone live! Librarians in Los Angeles and other cities are conducting story times, book readings, and circle times via … you guessed it, online videos and social media platforms.

3. There are drive-through options for forms! In Florida, some libraries are offering drive-through options for patrons who want to pick up public assistance forms.

4. Kids get help with homework! Seattle public librarians are reaching out to kids to ask how they can support and help them with their homework.

5. Libraries are doing some detective work! Some librarians in San Francisco have been assigned new roles, but not with books. They’re now helping with contact tracing, or tracking an infected person’s movement to help prevent the spread of the disease. Talk about detective work!

How have libraries and librarians helped you learn or discover new things?